Anti Netcut

Anti Netcut 3.0

Protects against network-based attacks
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Keeps you safe from ARP spoofing attacks, ARP poisoning and other LAN attacks that disconnect you from the Internet by spoofing your network credentials. Logs the potential attackers.

Netcut is a program that utilizes the famous ARP exploits that give an attacker on the same LAN the ability to disconnect your Internet connection. This program protects against other users of the famous ARP exploits which enable an attacker on the same Intranet to analyze all your sent and received packets, which will enable him to see what websites you visit and any passwords that are transferred in unencrypted ( none SSL) connections. With With Anti Netcut 2.0 you will be safe from those hacker as the program will reset your connection once the attacker tries to listen to your data packets. Anti Netcut will also prevent the attacker from disconnecting you from the Internet and will maintain an uninterrupted Internet connection. The program can show a list of the addresses, network addresses, and users that are using Netcut so you can report them to your network administrator. The program has a useful tray icon that offers your many features just by doing a right click on it. You can view your Internet IP, measure your Internet speed and it links to free online spy-ware and virus scanners. The program can show your open connections so you can ensure that you have no trojans installed on your computer.

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  • Prevents ARP hacks
  • Prevents Internet cutting by Netcut


  • Crashes randomly when your network card is unplugged/replugged
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